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Third and Seventh

Alex Roman

Alec Roman’s ‘Third and Seventh‘ project, uses some absolutely stunning CGI to explore ‘architecture through the cinematographic lens. Video’s can be found here. Looking forward to seeing the final film.

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Movie Posters of the Decade

Funny Games

Movie posters of the Decade – great round-up and discussion over at ‘The Auteurs‘.

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The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

Best TV programme for me this Christmas, the BBC’s production of the children’s classic, ‘The Gruffalo‘. Fantastic animation by Studio Soi.

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THX 1138

THX 1138

Love these – THX 1138 Improbable Movie Trading Cards. Part of an on-going series.

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Between The Folds

Between The Folds

Looking forward to watching ‘Between The Folds‘, Vanessa Gould’s documentary which explores the stories of ten of the world’s best paper folders.

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Timelapse – The Alps

Fantastic timelapse movies taken by Michael Rissi.

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Lego Matrix

Totally brilliant! Lego Matrix Trinity Help from LegoAgentJones.

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Warp20 New York

Warp20 NYC

NYC – The Film of Warp20 – Filmed as part of Warp’s 20th anniversary celebrations, includes Battles, Jamie Lidell, Clark, and Hudson Mohawke.

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United Snakes

Massive Attack’s ‘United Snakes’ directed by UVA. The video’s been made using openFrameworks, a C++ toolkit designed for creative coding.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The making of ‘Fantasic Mr. Fox‘. Saw this last night and I’ve got to say that stop-motion suits Wes Anderson’s storytelling and visual style.

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