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Cardboard Folding Phonograph

GGRP Sound Mailer

Nice promotional package from GGRP that uses the cardboard packaging to create a low-fi record player to play the enclosed ’45. Video here.

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De Telegraaf iPad Demo

De Telegraaf

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf demos what its paper would look like on the iPad. Not as exciting as BERG’s ‘Bonnier MAG+‘ demo but probably more realistic.

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Momento – Nice looking diary app for the iPhone with search, tagging and social web service integration.

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Canabalt Only ever so slightly addictive!

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Siemens Superstar

The Siemens Superstar – a light installation which uses a 100m wind turbine and 9000 LEDs is the world’s biggest revolving Christmas star. Designed by multimedia artist Michael Pendry, it can be seen in Munich until January 6, 2010.

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The Internet At 40

Guardian - A people's history of the internet

The Guardian’s been running several articles to mark the 40th anniversary of the Internet. Worth checking out is their ‘A people’s history of the internet: from Arpanet in 1969 to today‘.

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Event 'Back-Channel' Data Visualisation

Concept Lens

Concept Lens – Interesting data visualisation application by Flink Labs that tracks event back-channel twitter conversations and Flickr uploads. Also worth checking out is their ‘White Glove Visualisation‘ which uses data taken from the position of Michael Jackson’s white glove in a video performance of Billie Jean.

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iPhone ARider

iPhone ARider

The iPhone ARider – Innovative route mapping using a iPhone 3GS mounted to a cycle helmet which is connected to a heads up display (HMD).

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Vintage Computer Brochures


Nice collection of vintage computer brochures covering the 1940’s to the 1970’s curated by the ‘Ephemera Assemblyman‘.

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Twitter 101


Seems like Twitter have finally started on the road to getting some revenue by releasing Twitter 101 for Business, a handy a guide for businesses with tips on getting started, best practice and case studies. Download here.

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