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We Choose The Moon

We Choose The Moon

We Choose The Moon – Follow the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. Great use of the web and social media tools make this an interactive experience not to be missed.

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Quatro – A gorgeous looking serif available for free from pprwrkdesign, if you ask nicely.

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Catalina Estrada

Catalina Estrada

Gorgeous illustration work from Columbian artist Catalina Estrada including these illustrations for a Paulo Coelho agenda.

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Decline and Fall of the Newspaper Industry

News Graphic

The ‘Bad News for Newspapers‘ infographic from the NY Times pretty much says it all, showing the debt-laden American newspaper industry. The decline seems to have sparked several online conversations this week starting with Clay Shirky’s ‘Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable‘ and Steven Johnson’s South by Southwest talk ‘Old Growth Media And The Future Of News‘. Is the future of journalism online with the Guardian and NY Times at the forefront with the release of their news data APIs? Possibly, but I’d like to see better news aggregation and filtering services first.

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The Guardian Open Platform

Open Platform

It’s been brewing for a while but today the Guardian released ‘ Open Platform‘, a set of APIs with client libraries that make it possible to use Guardian data to build applications. There’s a couple of examples up already including Stamen Design‘s API Maps. I expect some really good things to come out of this openness, now wouldn’t it be great to see government doing something similar!

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Augmented Reality


I can’t remember the last time I’ve been seriously impressed by the use of flash, well I can, it was HP’s Beetle Buggin’ promotion, but the Smartgrid | Augmented Reality site from GE has just blown me away. Apparently this technology has been around for a while but it’s the first time I’ve come across it. It’s nice to see that the FLARToolKit source code’s been made available as well. Seriously impressive!

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The Most Beautiful Car in the World?

Citroën DS

Would you believe that it’s a Citroën DS? Well it is according to the car designers polled by the editors of Classic & Sports Car. Anyway it just gives me another chance to pimp Citroënët and it’s collection of vintage brochures.

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The History of the Internet

The animated history of the Internet told using pictorial communication language (PICOL) icons.

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Connected: Online anonymity, Flickr Colour Search, Straw Straws

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Javascript Drum Machine

JS-909 – A drum machine built using quicktime and javascript by Cameron Adams aka The Man in Blue. The only thing it sees to be missing is a cow bell!

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