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Logorama – Oscar nominated animated short from French design house H5.

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Pivot – Love the minimalist style of this animated short produced for the KORT! 2009 project.

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The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

Best TV programme for me this Christmas, the BBC’s production of the children’s classic, ‘The Gruffalo‘. Fantastic animation by Studio Soi.

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Connected Animation, Wind Car, PeePoople, Article Skimmer

Leah Chun

  • RFF Commercial – Lovely illustration/animation work from Leah Chun.
  • The Wind Car – Innovation on a budget from Dale Vince founder of Ecotricity.
  • PeePoople – Inventive solution to a global problem.
  • Article Skimmer – News display prototype from the New York Times.
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Be a Nose!

Be A Nose!

Excellent animation created by Lars Edwards for Art Spiegelman’s new book Be A Nose!, a collection of three of his sketchbooks – one from 1979, one from 1983, and one from 2007.

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Looking forward to this in February. Coraline the stop-motion stereoscopic 3-D adaption of Neil Gaiman’s book and directed by Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Xmas). The incredible animation work is by Laika who along with advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy have been guerilla marketing the film by sending out some fantastic handmade boxes as well as leaving button keys in major cities.

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