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Anatoly Zenkov’s Mousepath, a nifty little java app that draws your mouse activity over a period of time.

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Typestar by Scott Garner is a kinetic type engine created with processing that renders song lyrics using a number of visualisation presets. Available to download complete with source code or you can watch it in action here.

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Pie Guy

Pie Guy

Awesome. Pie Guy, a free web-based app/game for the iPhone.

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United Snakes

Massive Attack’s ‘United Snakes’ directed by UVA. The video’s been made using openFrameworks, a C++ toolkit designed for creative coding.

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HYPE Framework


HYPE – A creative coding framework built on top of ActionScript 3 that allows newcomers to Flash and ActionScript to creatively play and express themselves while they are learning how to program.

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