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Vintage Bikes


Foffa Bikes do a nice selection of vintage re-build fixed and single-speed bikes as well as their own Prima range, available in March.

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Ben Wilson’s ‘SeeBikeSaw‘ sculpture commissioned by Brooks England for the 100% Design London exhibition.

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Pedal Brain

Pedal Brain

I’ve been using a combination of Trails and Run Keeper to keep track of my cycling. Both have their plus points but neither use ANT+, the wireless technology that hooks up to heart rate monitors and cadence sensors for example. Pedal Brain, to be released early in 2010 looks like the perfect all-round solution. Available for iPod and iPhone, Pedal Brain is an ANT+ compatible training solution which stores performance data online. There’s no indication of monthly pricing yet but the Synapse mount which is used to hold your iPhone on your bike looks like it’s going to cost around £120, slightly more for the carbon version.

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The Moof

The classic Dutch bike re-designed by Vanmoof. Aluminum, single speed with a coaster brake and solar powered LEDs.

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The Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel

Turn your bike into a hybrid E-Bike with the Copenhagen Wheel. Designed by MIT, the wheel uses energy dissipated while cycling and braking. A built in sensing unit maps pollution levels, traffic congestion, and road conditions in real-time and can be linked to a mobile using Bluetooth which allows the user to monitor the bike as well as lock the wheel as well as change gear.

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Drop Sequence

Drop Sequence

Hoping for a reprint of ‘Drop Sequence‘ – a screenprint by Anthony Cozzi aka Snowblinded™.

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Brush & Spoke

Anthony Cozzi - Dead Wheelie

Brush & Spoke – Nice curated site showcasing cycling related art. Dead Wheelie image by Anthony Cozzi.

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Vintage Road Bikes


Speedbicycles is a fantastic collection of vintage road bikes curated by ‘Stefan Schaefter’ with issues published online monthly.

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Connected: Worksnug, CycleStreets, Tiltshift


  • Worksnug – Augmented Reality app’ for the iPhone 3GS that connects mobile workers to the nearest and best places to work.
  • CycleStreets – Noted at the recent Cambridge Tech Demo Night, CycleStreets is a UK-wide bike journey planner. Currently in beta but looks very promising.
  • TiltShift Generator – ToyCamera release their fifth toy for the iPhone.
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Fixed Mag.

Fixed Mag

Issue 4 of the excellent bike magazine ‘Fixed Mag.’ is available to download for free. Grab a copy while you can!

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