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MapBox, a collection of open source tools for creating custom maps using Amazon’s Cloud Service.

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Everyone Ever In The World

Everyone Ever

Peter Crnokrak’s ‘Everyone Ever In The World‘ is a visual representation of the number of people to have lived versus been killed in wars, massacres and genocide during the recorded history of humankind. Screen printed using gloss transparent ink on matte jet black plastic, the poster’s available to order from Counter-Objects.

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Feltron Annual Report

Feltron Annual Report

It’s that time of year when Nicholas Felton releases his Annual Report. This year’s looks fantastic – chock full of infographic goodness.

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GOOD’s most popular infographics of 2009. There’s more on their Flickr set.

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The newsprint version of’s ‘Best of 2009‘ printed by the Newspaper Club looks fantastic. Download the trends for New York and London vs the World.

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Where Does My Money Go?


Where Does My Money Go? Interactive visualisation from the Open Knowledge Foundation which uses HM Treasury data to display where UK public spending goes.

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MAP 001 Antarctica

Map 001

David Garcia Studio’s first issue of ‘MAP (Manual of Architectural Possibilities)‘ is now available. Designed as a ‘guide to potential actions in the built environment, a folded encyclopedia of the possible, a topography of ideas, or a poster on the wall’, MAP is printed as a two sided A1 sized poster. Issue 1 focuses on Antarctica and includes an introduction by Peter Cook.

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Black Friday 2009

eBay Black Friday

An interactive map showing all US buyer and seller transactions that took place on eBay on Black Friday. The map uses raw data that includes eBay sales and purchases occurring in approximately 33,000 U.S. ZIP codes.

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The Billion Pound O Gram

Billion Pound O Gram

The Billion Pound O Gram. Infographic from Information Is Beautiful detailing the scale of Britain’s budget deficit. Shockingly huge especially the money used for Trident.

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Visualising Narrative Abstractions


Christian Swinehart’s visual exploration and analysis of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, which were popular in the 80’s.

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