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Blockhead Stem

Blockhead Stem

The Blockhead Stem IB with integrated brake lever from CW and T. Available to order or build your own using the 3D files kindly made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence.

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Cinelli VS Death Spray Custom


Hand to Mouth – Cinelli’s Ram 2 Carbon handlebars get the Death Spray Custom treatment. Also worth checking out are the Custom Mercian Vigorelli and Figo Vengeance and El Capitane bikes.

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Schindelhauer Bikes


Nice looking belt-drive (carbon poly-chain) single-speed and fixed wheel bikes from Schindelhauer. 2010 Bikes can be previewed here.

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Vintage Bikes


Foffa Bikes do a nice selection of vintage re-build fixed and single-speed bikes as well as their own Prima range, available in March.

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Leather X Porteur


The ‘Leather X Porteur’ from Ateliers d’Embellie is a retro looking, heavily customised bike finished off with hand crafted leather. One neat touch is the hip flask stowed under the saddle.

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Bike Pron

Boutique Cycles

Boutique Cycles – Nice looking user submitted gallery dedicated to ‘custom and boutique bikes’.

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