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Taming Light: Stanley Kubrick

Taming Light

Illustrator Martin Ansin’s poster for the recent ‘Taming Light‘ exhibition featuring painting, photography and illustration inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick. Would love to get a copy of this.

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Strangelove™ – Font inspired by Pablo Ferro’s hand-drawn type used in the titles for Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’. Also includes some great dingbat/illustrations.

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Stanley Kubrick Reanimated

Stanley Kubrick by Antony Hare

Antony Hare’s reanimated portrait of Stanley Kubrick, drawn and re-played using Adobe Illustrator.

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How about a little game?

Stanley Kubrick

How about a little game? – Jeremy Bernstein’s 1966 ‘Stanley Kubrick’ interview and New Yorker Magazine profile.

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Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon


Jeff Dawson of the Times’ article ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: the greatest movie never made?’ is an interesting re-telling of the usual Kubrick/Napoleon stories which ties with in the release of Alison Castle’s book in November. The (expensive) limited edition book looks fantastic and comes with access to an on-line library of 17,000 related Napoleon images. Hopefully Taschen will do a cheaper re-print as they did with the ‘Stanley Kubrick Archives‘.

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Connected: Moon, Maths, Jon Hopkins


  • Moon – Duncan Jone’s homage to classic sci-fi starring Sam Rockwell is out in June. Watching the trailer there’s distinct parallels to Kubrick’s ‘2001‘ and the Clooney version of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris especially with the overall-look of the film. Also worth checking out is Gavin Rothery’s concept art for the film.
  • iPhone Math Apps – Round-up of math apps for the iPhone via Wired.
  • Caught Jon Hopkins supporting Plaid at the recent Ether Festival. Got to say that his latest album ‘Insides‘ is my favourite album so far this year. Top notch electronica!
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Connected: Kubrick, Chuckie Egg, Flickr Clock

Stanley Kubrick, Sight and Sound

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Connected: Barry Lyndon, The Vignelli Canon, Robots

Barry Lyndon

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Stanley Kubrick's Aryan Papers

Aryan Papers

The BFI are showing ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Aryan Papers‘, an art installation by the Turner-prize nominated artists Jane and Louise Wilson which focuses on one of Kubrick’s unfinished projects, the Aryan Papers.


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Criterion Covers – An Ode To Criterion Box Art

Andrew Lindstrom over at Well Medicated has put together a list of his 50 favourite covers from the Criterion Collection. For anyone interested in film, the Criterion Collection specialise in re-publishing classic film editions that ‘offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements’ including those from directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Jean Luc-Godard, Ingmar Bergman and Powell and Pressburger. The cover artwork on show is fantastic, all of them originals from the Criterion design team.

The Criterion website has also recently been updated with some great features including complete films available to rent and view online, interviews, photo-galleries, articles, essays and top-10 lists.

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