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Christoph Niemann: My Way

My Way

Christoph Niemann’s map art, looks at the funny side of getting from A to B using elements from Google Maps.

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MapBox, a collection of open source tools for creating custom maps using Amazon’s Cloud Service.

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Augmented Reality Mapping

Blaise Aguera y Arcas architect of Seadragon, and the co-creator of Photosynth demos new augmented-reality mapping technology as part of Bing maps. It’s pretty impressive layering user generated content such as photography and real-time video into maps allowing a user to flip through historical and current views.

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Zoomable Paper Map


map2 – A pocket sized zoomable map of London designed to allow you to quickly find what you need without having to open and unfold unnecessary sections. Design by Anna Stauche.

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Pixel Maps

Incredible interactive ‘pixel style’ isometric maps of Chinese cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzen and Hong Kong by Edushi (E-city).

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Who lives here?

Who lives here?

Who lives here? Who can afford to live here? Interactive map showing income and rent demographics by neighbourhood for New York City. Part of the Envisioning Development Toolkit.

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Ever wondered where the product you’ve just bought came from. Now you can find out with Sourcemap, an online collaboration tool for visualising supply chains behind everyday objects.

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Connected: Scroll, Waldseemuller Map, Mental Notes

Scroll Magazine

  • Issue 2 of Scroll Magazine, the print, PDF and online magazine for web professionals is out.
  • The map that changed the world – BBC article on the Waldseemuller map, one of the first maps to lay out a vision of the world using a full 360 degrees of longitude.
  • Mental Notes – 50 psychology insights in an easy reference and brainstorming tool
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Climate Change Map

Climate Change Map

Launched as part of the Science Museum’s ‘Prove it‘ climate change exhibition, this ‘Climate Change Map‘ shows the impact of a 4°C temperature rise, using peer-reviewed science data from the Met Office and other leading impact scientists.

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Connected Alexander Girard, Map Bloopers, Boombox Bikes

Girard Collection

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