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De Telegraaf iPad Demo

De Telegraaf

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf demos what its paper would look like on the iPad. Not as exciting as BERG’s ‘Bonnier MAG+‘ demo but probably more realistic.

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Unit: Design/Research 01

Unit: Design/Research 01

Unit: Design/Research 01 is a new publication from Tony Brook’s and Adrian Shaughnessy’s ‘Unit Editions’. Designed as a 64 page newspaper and ‘devoted to the neglected, hidden and unexpected corners of graphic design and visual culture’, the first issue features an anthology of Folkways album cover art featuring the work of Ronald Clyne.

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Observer Redesign

Observer redesign

Sunday saw the redesign and relaunch of The Observer. Reduced down to four sections, most of the changes can be seen in the hefty 56-page News Review and Observer Magazine. There’s some nice typographic and illustrative details but on the whole it comes across as a mish-mash of styles. As Coley Porter Bell suggest, perhaps its days are sadly numbered.


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TPUTH – Tech and design news online newspaper aimed at Geeks, Designers and VCs.

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Newspaper Club

Photo by Ben Terrett

The Newspaper Club, a service set-up to help people make their own newspapers has announced their pricing structure. Pricing’s not to bad once you start looking at printing off a large run. Output will be a ’12–page, tabloid–size newspaper in black and white or colour in quantities from 5 to 5000′. Their paper for ‘ Best of 2009‘ looks fantastic.

Photo courtesy of Ben Terrett

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