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Connected: 09.05.08


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Connected: 02.05.08

Memory Project

  • The Memory Project – Interactive digital photography project that records 360° panoramas each minute for three days. It’s immersive in that heat sensors allow visitors to control which images are shown in the ‘time-slip gallery’. There’s some video over at the BBC.
  • Nice looking Penguin Classics theme for Tumblr
  • We tell stories – Penguin’s digital writing project showcasing six stories especially written for the Internet. What’s cool is that these are not just stories but interactive experiences put together in collaboration with alternate reality game (ARG) designers Six to Start.
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Connected: 31.01.08


  • Quaristice – Autechre’s ninth album release is available for download from Bleep prior to the full release in March.
  • The Mexican Suitcase – Robert Capa’s lost negatives finally see the light of day. Thought lost, they ended up in the hands of a Mexican general before finally ending up at the International Center of Photography in Midtown Manhattan. Great story and what a find!
  • The History of Visual Communication, nicely put together by Elif Ayiter
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Connected: 18.01.08

Dairy Today

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