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Connected: Wim Crouwel, Poolga, Pacing

Wim Crouwel

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80 | 20 | 100

Rotterdam’s VIVID gallery recently held an exhibition to celebrate Wim Crouwel’s 80th birthday as well as the 20th anniversary of Nijhof and Lee a specialist design and typographic bookshop. It finished last week but you can still download the catalogue designed by David Quay which shows Frank Nijhof and Warren Lee’s Crouwel collection.

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Connected: Crouwel, Lego, Soundcloud

Wim Crouwel

  • There’s a great article over on the Creative Review blog about the reprinting of Wim Crouwel’s ‘Vormgevers’ poster and the process behind reproducing the artwork so that it matches the original ‘non-computer’ created design and all its imperfections. The reprinted poster is available from Blanka and looks fantastic.
  • Lego Wall-E as created by pixar animator Angus MacLane. Think Lego missed a trick here.
  • SoundCloud – Online audio platform designed for music professionals that’s come up with some clever ways of sending and receiving music.
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